Google Search Console Error Fixing:- Ultimate Beginner Guide


Google Search Console Error Fixing Guide. Learn how to fix all Search Console Errors such as Coverage, Mobile Usability, AMP, Products and Breadcrumbs

Hey, guys how's it going, It's Babita Singh come back again to you with new SEO and Problem-Solving tutorial, I appreciate your time.

So, therefore, it going to be full of hot tips to make sure that you get rid of all your Google Search Console Errors in the right way using the best SEO practices today.
Google Search Console Error Fixing Guide

Today I gonna explain to you that how many types of errors or issues in Google Search Console you may face, and then let you know you how exactly go through the different errors and resolve those all one by one using some strategies and tools.

Before we dive into the depth you should know what is Google Search Console, How to use it, and check your website Errors and performance Reports.

So, if you are a beginner and don't know much about Google Search Console, just read these beginner guides for learning & understanding all about it.
So, let's get started with different types of errors you may found in Search Console, therefore you can categorize these errors under 5 major categories, and many of them can be further categorized into sub-categories. that Google currently Flags, these are...

1.Coverage & Crawl Errors:-

Crawling is the process by which Googlebot discovers new and updated pages to be added to the Google index but somehow this process interrupted by any error, it called Crawl Errors.

Googlebot processes each of the pages it crawls in order to compile a massive index of all the words and their location on each page when a user enters a query google machines search the index
for matching pages and return the results in Google Search Console reports.

Google Search Console coverage Error Fixing

When search engine bots find & track a link of your website and start finding all published pages from the site. Then bot crawls each page one by one with all internal & external linking and if they find it perfect they index these contents in Google Search to show the people for use.

But when your website has any coding issues, server issues, URL errors, etc here Googlebot is unable to track the location of your pages, and this issue called Coverage or Crawl Error, these must be fixed because these coverage issues may be negatively affected in Google. 

According to Google, there are two types of crawl errors:- Site Errors, which means your entire site can't be crawled, and second is URL Errors, which are those related to a specific URL?

So, therefore we'll learn and understand about different types of Crowl and Coverage errors, and then we gonna learn how to find and fix these all.
  1. Site Error >> DNS Errors>>Server error (5xx):- A Server 5xx error is essentially an error with the server that is hosting your site, so search engine unable to communicate with your server so this error may affect the entire site or may affect one URL. it may be a temporary problem, Google search engine will come back later and crawl your site anyway so that will disappear soon, but if the error is continuous, there's a server error that must be removed. It also occurs when some code prevents a page from loading or sometimes your site has so many visitors that the server unable to handle. These errors are returned as 5xx status codes, such as the 500 and 503 status codes.
  2. Robots Errors>>Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt:- 'Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt' shows you that Google can track your page, it can crawl it too, but there is an instruction in your robots file for Google to ignore it, which means Google won't show up this in the search results. Sometimes You want it so this is intentional, but many times it is accidental, for a number of reasons, and can be fixed easily.
  3. URL Errors>>Submitted URL not found (404):- URL errors refer to crawl errors, Any page or URL that is returning to 404 error means that the page has been deleted or removed. It happens when you delete a post or a page that you think not relevant or useful, and then it is automatically removed from the sitemap on Google Search Console. However, some URL that is deleted might still be found on your sitemap. most of the time these URL errors are caused by internal links that are your faults because after deleting any page or URL, there is no use of that link and only to find a dead-end (404 Status) so you need to do some adjustments.
  4. URL Errors >>Submitted URL Seem to be a Soft 404:- A soft 404 Means that a URL on your site returns to a page saying to its users that the page does not exist and also when you click onto the URL it usually looks a bit funny the content will be a bit blank or fit, and instead of generating a 404, it generates a 200 status, but from the naked eye it just looks fine
  5. URL Errors>>Submitted URL Marked "No Index:-:- When you submit a page in Google Search Console via sitemap or directly using URL Inspection Tool to index and received the message that "Submitted URL Marked 'noindex'" error, it means that your page marked by Google as one that should not be indexed and it won't be displayed in search results. Actually, Google tried to index your page, but there are some errors because of that it couldn’t. Submitted URL indicates that your pages have submitted for indexing because these are listed in a sitemap. However, on the other hand, but there is something on the page that preventing Googlebot not to index. That could be a noindex meta tag or an X-Robots-Tag HTTP header.
  6. URL Errors>>Submitted URL returns unauthorized request (401):- This is an HTTP status code error that means your page cannot be loaded on which one you are trying to access, you have to log in it first with a valid user ID and password. And If you just logged in with the wrong User ID or password you may receive this 401 Unauthorized error, which indicates the credentials you entered were invalid or wrong.
  7. Redirect Errors (301):- When you move (or remove) any page from your website, your website shows an error if you don't redirect it to a new page, so for best SEO practice set up a 301 redirect which indicates the web browser that page has been moved or removed to a new destination. If pages move multiple times and make a redirect chain or get sent back to the original location, however, this redirect errors can occur.  
Google Search Console Crawl Error Fixing

Mobile Usability Errors:-

The Mobile Usability Errors Report shows that which pages on your website have usability view problems on mobile devices. The top-level mobile usability issues are...
  • Clickable Elements Too Close Together:- Therefore Google is really looking for "items that are too close together"... Here we are talking about "tap targets",  Google wants tap targets that are 48 X 48 pixels. That is the tap target they're looking for.  Then what they're looking for with "tap targets too close together" means they want about 26 pixels of clearance between each tap target. Those look like they have enough room. Those look fine.
  • Content Wider Than Screen:- With the "content wider than the screen", usually what this ends up being is either a video or an image, or something else that when it's viewed on mobile, it extends outside of the screen, and it doesn't fit in the natural flow of the page. If you have to scroll to the side to see what's in there, then something is not right. That's usually what it is. It's usually a video or image or an embedded object in the page that's overflowing. So you might need to get with a developer to fix it or do it yourself.
  • Viewport Not Set:- viewport not configured or not set means that there is a meta tag that's missing when it shows you the port not configured now once you include that meta tag you can go to mobile-friendly test tool and then analyze your site and pages accordingly.
  • Text Too Small to Read:- What Google is really looking for with mobile usability is a font size that's at least 16 pixels. So if the pixel size is less than 16 pixels, it's going to give that type of error, because it's too small for people to read on a phone, in some cases.
Google Search Console Mobile Usability Error Fixing

AMP Errors:- 

When you implement AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages feature for your content on your site, Google Search Console shows you an AMP Error report for your pages that reporting the issues & Errors related to AMP implementation on your site. this report will be shown to you if you enabled AMP on your site otherwise you can't see this option on your Google Search Console Dashboard.

This AMP Error report lets you check an overview status with regards to the AMP implementation, which guides you about your AMP implementation errors and further drill down and analyze the specific errors with details. which helps you to understand the requirements of your site for a successful AMP implementation.

Google Search Console Error Fixing Guide

AMP documents implementation process must not include any validation errors, There are different types of AMP Implementation Errors you may find in the Google Search Console AMP Error report, there are some main errors explained below...
    1. AMP URL is not found Error:- AMP Url not found is just like as 404 error of Non-AMP version which means that URL does not exist. When you remove or delete a Page from your site it returns with an error AMP URL not found in an AMP-enabled site.
    2. Content Mismatch: Missing Embedded Video:- This means your web page has an embedded video that is not converted in the AMP version. Also if you have 2 different URLs pointing to the same video then this error may occur.
    3. Image size smaller than the recommended size:- When structure data shows that the image size smaller than recommended such as the logo should fit in a 60x600px rectangle, and Images should be at least 1200 pixels wide by the Google guidelines. If you don't follow these recommended size guidelines you may face these errors.
    4. Crawl Issue:- AMP-enabled URLs also has a separate index and crawling process, so when you see crawl errors in Google Search Console, the dashboard shows the reports of crawling errors in AMP Tab, and these issues can we fixed using URL Inspection Tool.
    5. Blocked By Robots.txt:- AMP URLs that are blocked by robots.txt file indicating that Google should not crawl that section on the site. If you want it, let it be, and if you want to Google crawl and index these URLs then you need to fix this error.
    6. Referenced AMP Url is not an AMP:- When your site has a Referenced AMP URL which is not an AMP canonical page. This error will be shown to you.
    7. AMP Page domain mismatch:- This Error occurs when an AMP page hosted on a different domain than its canonical version, and it becomes confusing for the mobile users or searchers when they see one URL in search and the other URL after visiting the page.
    8. Server Error:-AMP enabled Website also throws server error and contains a canonical tag that returned Error (5XX), just like the Non-AMP site, and as a result, Google can't reach your website.
    9. URL Marked No index:- When an AMP Page is blocked by Robots.txt directives this means it telling to search engines that the page should not be indexed, which means your URL will not end up in search results.
    10. Referenced AMP URL is self canonical AMP:- It means that it contains a canonical tag that is pointing to a canonicalized URL or it is itself canonicalized to another URL, and this means that it is not indexable, actually, it sending conflicting and confusing messages to search engines. as a result, your AMP page will not show up in search results.
    11. AMP story canonical Error:- This page incorrectly refers to the amp-story page in an AMP-enabled site. This is not allowed because by definition this is self-prescribing which means it equivalent to the canonical tag with one relay, and can't work as the AMP version of the other page.
    12. Canonical points to invalid URL:- This means your references AMP page using an invalidly formatted URL. here you need to add canonical links properly on your page for getting indexed on search results.
    13. Unavailable After the date for this page has expired:- sometimes a page unavailable after meta tag or directive which indicates that page has already passed and no longer be served. here you need to update the tag for a future date or remove it permanently. 
    14. Validation Errors:- It means that your AMP Enabled site has a validation error and due to that it could not pass the AMP validation test. If your site contains invalid AMP, it will not load correctly and can't be shown. AMP validation errors may occur when your site either missing mandatory elements such as disallowed, duplicated, or depreciated elements; or style, layout, or template errors. as a result, AMP pages won't be properly indexed, and show up in search results. 
    Google Search Console Error Fixing Guide

    New Product-Related Errors on E-commerce Store:-

    When your Google Search Console report shows errors and warnings under the product tab, these are not regarding your Google Search data feed, but these related to the product markup in the product pages on your website.

    Product Markup means a set of tags for a product such as a price, title, image URL, ratings, etc in the HTML format so it's a structured data or rich snippets. Because of Google fetching this product data from your website. so, it's necessary to resolve all the errors and warnings for your Ecommerce Store.
    Google Search Console Product Error Fixing

    Basically, you may find these product errors mentioned below for your store in Google Search Console report...
    • Either “Offers”, “Review”, or “aggregateRating” Should Be Specified:- This error occurs in a lot of online stores. This indicates that there are several properties in your product schema implementation that are not shown in Google search. If you won't include these properties in your product listings, you won't reach optimum searches on your store in Google. It is not easy for Google to put all product-specific properties together, and paint a full picture of your product. Many times Google takes time for finding and managing all properties, but if you fix the issue at a time, it becomes imperative and you have a better chance of standing out.
    • Rating Is Missing Required Best and/or Worst Values:- If you are using WooCommerce, the AggregateRating and review fields are taken from your actual product reviews left by your buyers or customers on your products. And if you don’t have any reviews yet, you gonna see the warning in the schema testing tool. When you get some reviews and ratings you will automatically get rid of these RggregateRating and review warnings.
    • Value in Property “RatingCount” Must Be Positive:- This also counted under aggregateRating Error, here rating should not be less than zero, and this error will automatically be removed when you get this on your store.
    • Missing Field "Price":- The price is the required element in a store and must comply with the guidelines of here only numeric value should be added without a currency symbol.
    Google Search Console Error Fixing Guide

    Other Errors:- Breadcrumbs, Malware and Google News Errors:-

    There are some other Errors you may see in your Google Search Console Reports such as malware errors, Google News errors, and Breadcrumbs errors, etc. Let's get to know more about these errors...
    • Malware Error:- When you encounter malware errors in your search console report, this means Google or Bing has found any malicious software on that URL that is used, for instance, “to gather guarded and personal information, or to disrupt their operation in general.”(Wikipedia). This type of malware should be prevented or removed from your page.
    • Google News errors. There are you may find some specific Google News errors. for those who have their website in Google News categories, you might get these crawl errors. They vary from site to site it may show errors that tell you that your page doesn’t seem to contain any news or article at all. this may apply to your site as well so we sure to check yourself for these errors.
    • Breadcrumbs Errors:- A breadcrumb is a structure text path located at the top of a page, Breadcrumbs navigate a user, and give users an easy-to-understand overview that where the page sits on your site hierarchy. Google recently announced this new Breadcrumbs report in the Search Console which informs the site owners about markup issues. this new report has shown under the Enhancements section. Check if you have errors " schema deprecated" and start fixing it now.
    Google Search Console Error Fixing Guide

    So these are all known and frequent errors occur in Google Search Console Reports, in different fields or categories. I hope this post will clear your all doubts regarding all SEO related errors which may prevent your site from being indexed and search in the Google Search Results.

    Now your job to eliminate these errors, one by one using my step by step guideline, and make your site searchable on Google.

    I hope you like this post " Google Search Console Error Fixing:- Ultimate Beginner Guide" and find it valuable for you then share it with your friends.

    If you want more SEO in google search console content please make sure to subscribe to us and provide any feedback because I will be reading all the comments and once again thank you so much for your time and you'll be hearing from me very shortly see you guys.

    Babita Singh
    Thanks, and make it a great day
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    Digital Marketing Tools:- Google Tools For Online Marketers: Google Search Console Error Fixing:- Ultimate Beginner Guide
    Google Search Console Error Fixing:- Ultimate Beginner Guide
    Google Search Console Error Fixing Guide. Learn how to fix all Search Console Errors such as Coverage, Mobile Usability, AMP, Products and Breadcrumbs
    Digital Marketing Tools:- Google Tools For Online Marketers
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