Google Trends Keyword Research Tool:- 7 Effective Ways To Use?


Google Trends Best Keyword Research Tool. Get to know 7 Effective Ways to use this Google Tool for finding Hot Sizzling Topic, Product & Niche Ideas.

Google Trends is one of my favorite Google Tool out there because it provides huge data based on interest, trends, demands, and situations. And more important it is totally FREE and very very useful.

Today we gonna learn how to use this amazing google tool for finding Sizzling Hot Topic Ideas for your Blog, Website, and Video Marketing. It will show you the most searched topics on google by showing search trends queries and topics.

Google Trends Keyword Research Tool
It also shows you comparative data targeting different keywords and phrases. If you don't know what is Google Trends and Why should you use it, get to know all about it here.
If this is the first time you are using Google Trends, just go to and at the right up corner open menu bar, and select Explore link.

We'll get into some techniques tactics and strategies here, you can filter your data by location or view the data from all over the world. and then there's a date filter so you choose the clear of the pattern will be in the graph.

Next is compare which lets you gauge the popularity of two or more search terms against each other plot it on the same graph, where you can isolate data between Google's different search engines like web search, images search, news search shopping, and YouTube search.

Scroll down below and you see there are two graphs interests over time and interest by region, and finally there are two tables below which are related topics and queries. we'll dive into in a bit now so that you will be a Google Trends Master.

So now let me show you 7 actionable ways that you can extract important data that is trending on google with this absolute beast of a Google Tool.

1. Identify Seasonal Interest With Google Trends & Create Relevant Content:-

Seasonality is so huge that they can put companies out of business for example being a farmer without Sun and rain, so we should know how to use google trends for identifying seasonal interest so that we can create products and content for our business according to the seasons.
So let's start our google research with Google Trends for golf clubs.

Google Trends Keywords Comparisions

Then I'll set it to the past five years to see if there's a recurring pattern between seasons and that's expected you can see valleys and popularity as we get into the colder months of the year.

Now I'll add golf courses to the graph and you'll see that it follows nearly the exact same pattern and appears to be more popular than our first query.

Finally, I'll add one last layer and that will be indoor golf and you'll see quite the opposite effect the last query search trends slightly upwards in the winter months which shows you that you can't generalize a topic like a Golf to only have downturns in the same season.

So here are a few things that you can do to battle the inevitable seasonal downturns...
  • Focus on promoting your products services and content that are in season
  • Promote products and services not affected by the season
So if you have a store that sells golf equipment and accessories you might want to focus on selling things like golf simulators or tools like indoor training aids which either peak in the winter months or remain stable.

You also can use some strategies for on-season and offseason for getting proper workflow and stability in your business such as...

Prepare Relevant Contents For The Peak Months:-

Since your workload should be a bit lighter in the offseason, you can use that time to prepare content for the busier months. so, for example, looking at the five-years search trends you'll see that there are many spikes every January and it's because people are making new year's resolutions to lose weight or to get fit.
And then it just continues to decline through the year which is a bit sad so rather than releasing your content at random times, you can prepare your content updates and new posts or videos starting at 1st month or so in advance to reach more people when they're actually searching for it.

2. Find Your Target Market With "Interest by region" Section Research:-

When you use the interest by region section to push your paid ads in the season, here you can look at the five-year trend for the search term golf simulators you'll see that it repeatedly gets more popular it the winter months.
Google Trends sub-region search

Now when you filter it by sub-region area you'll see a heat map of popularity, so rather than targeting the entire United States, you'll see specific States you can narrow your audiences down for laser target marketing. 

Here you need to just click on the specific region such as the "United States" region, and it will show you the sub-region with a widen overview.

For example, People in Hawaii probably wouldn't be as interested as people in Minnesota where it's much colder and icier, and if you want to get even more targeted you can narrow this down to the metropolitan areas and even cities. so here use this strategy...

To establish brands for global SEO this technique allows you to understand which cities and sub-regions need your products and services.

Also sometimes you got to know the countries or cities such as Netherlands and Hungary which are in great demand of your product or services but there may be a language issue, so this can be a good signal for you to translate your pages into their native languages and use the href Lang tag.

Do Laser target marketing with Paid Advertisement (PPC):- 

Don't waste your hard-earned money on advertisement by targeting the whole State, but target only a specific region where your targeted potential customer resite.

With Google Trends you can filter any interest by Country, Sub-region, Metro, and City so you have multiple research options available for finding laser targeted market for your product and services.

Here is a screenshot for you for finding the best market area in metro cities. this section clearly shows where you should start marketing your product or services. this is your target market or place for which you can create your product.

Google Trends Keyword Research for sub-region
This data completely based on interest so no doubt you will get the best results if you market your product here you should use this strategy...

Create useful content for the people living in these areas:-

When you find a laser target area for your potential customer, you can market your product but you can further utilize this market for promoting your content purely relevant to these people only.

So you have an idea to create useful and valuable content for them so fully utilize your research in different ways using some tactics and strategies.

Do comparative research for finding the best brand for the best place:- 

The coolest part of the Google Trends is if you research a competitor mix you'll see something completely different so for example you research for ActiveCampaign and add Aweber Email Automation tools to compare this stats scrolling down to the regional data.

Google Trends Keyword Research Tool

you can see the market share of searches broken down by country and as we go deeper through the list you'll see countries like the United States where a weber seems to own more of the search market.

This information will give you a better idea of where you might need to focus your marketing efforts so that you can slowly pick away at the countries where your brand may not have the strongest presence yet.

Therefore you can click on the country name to investigate further and get more accurate regional data so rather than targeting the US as a whole nation you can target specific areas

3. Avoid "Keyword Unicorn" & Check What Is Google Trending Now:-

There are many new Digital Marketers still focus on only at Google Keyword Planner Free Google Tool which shows monthly search volume for the specific keyword, but not provide and data about what is the most searched product on google today.

Google Trends keywords unicorn
So, sometimes you'll find enough Google Search Volume on Google Keyword Planner, but when to research the same keywords on Google Trends you won't get enough popularity in google word trends today, it could happen with a unicorn keyword.

For Example, take the keyword "Fidget Spinner" and "Yoyo" and start doing keyword research with Google Keyword Planner, and look at just the search volume you think that you found yourself a unicorn of a keyword.

But when you compare Fidget Spinner and Yoyo with Google Trends you would quickly discover that the unicorn has officially slid down the mountain and flatlined to nothing.

So if you see google search trends that appear to be completely dead or flatlining at the bottom you may want to consider avoiding them. you can take search volume with a grain of salt since they are rounded annual averages.

When you set time filter to the five-year trend, which includes its most popular time we can exclude it to get a decent idea of where it is today. so if you set it to the past twelve months you can see that the decline of the fidgets spinner continues but you are still in search trends.

And this is a very important step to take because if you were to just look at the 30-day trend you might think that the topic is still popular or not.

4. Find Hot Relevant Topics That Are Trending Today On Google:-

This Google keyword tool shows you related topics and queries that are trending on google today. It let you know which are the most searched topics on google nowadays. so utilize these search trends for unbeaten content marketing.

Trending Today On Google

Nowadays, Coronavirus is a huge topic in Google search trends, and this a huge opportunity for people who know how to capitalize on this topic for boosting website traffic.

This is a topic that is widely spread out and everybody wants to get the latest updates on this. so there you have several related topics and queries you can find for writing your content.

So if you are a digital marketer, and not looking at this window of opportunity then I have to say, you are not serious toward your job. Trending searches on google can multiply your business revenues because people are interested in these.

Something is trending means people are talking about it, thinking about it, searching about it and you can be one who can fulfill their needs and requirements.

Here you can create specific products for specific countries, regions, and cities, and according to related queries and topics, you can create a digital guide, online training program, etc for these people who need it.

Google Trends trending search now

These type of trends rarely comes in life but there are some trending news or events such as World Cup, IIFA Awards, Miss World Competition, Mothers Day, etc mostly started on the particular time frame and so these events get most search in google.

For Example:- If you search for Mothers Day on Google Trends Tool, you won't find any search trend before 10th May, but it gets a sudden peak on 10th May because it's Monther Day.

So you need to prepare your product and Content Marketing strategies before these events in advance and when you set your keyword research to 5 years timeframe you gonna come to know there is the same pattern for the rising trend.

So here you can understand that Mothers Day actually starts getting in search trends about 29th March and get a maximum peak on 10th May then fall down at very next day.

Google Trends Peak time

So you should promote your product or services after 29th March and utilize paid marketing during 1st week of May Month, and end this promotion after 10th May.

Therefore you need to keep focusing on these events and viral news so that you can create your products, contents, and marketing strategies around these events in advance for getting the most out of these.

5.  Use Related Queries To Find New Keyword Ideas:-

Now we gonna use Google Trends by using related queries to find new keyword ideas For Example if you look at the trend for protein powder, and then you scroll to the bottom you gonna see related topics and related queries here.

The related topics box represents topics that users also searching for, so you can see that people who search for protein powder are also interested in topics like a ketogenic diet.

Google Trends Keyword Research Tool

Now you can set rising topics and Queries to the top filter which shows you another relative scale scored up to 100, and there are related queries that users are searching for.

You can change these queries to the top or rising filter which will show you a broader look into your topic. you'll see a lot of people are looking for the "Best protein powder" others are searching specifically for "Away" and some are looking for "Vegan" and so on.

And so forth these keywords are the most searched word on google for that specific topic so it will give you a better idea of a search intent so that you can serve them the best you possibly can.

6. Get Versus Pages Keywords Ideas For Competitive Brand or Company Reviews

Another effective way to use Google Trends by researching the name of a brand or a company for finding "Versus" keywords in the query section.

For Example:- If you type Hubspot in the search bar then scroll to the bottom of the page, next change the filter from "Rising" to "Top" and then keep scrolling the pages until you find a competitor's name.

Google Trends for competitive brand

And, here you find one of their competitors is Salesforce. now take this over to a Free Keyword Generator by ahrefs and type your queries like "HubSpot vs Salesforce" and "Salesforce vs. HubSpot" and run the search one by one.

There are a couple things you'll probably notice first there is very little competition since both of these terms have a keyword difficulty score of 2 to 4 making it potentially a very low competition keyword that you can go after.

Google Keyword Generator

next, you'll see that cumulatively the search volume is around eleven hundred and fifty searches per month, and also if you take this data to ahrefs paid tool keyword Explorer this will show you clicks data too, where you can compare the number of clicks that happen on the search results page.

Also able to check the corresponding number of searches because this type of pages shares their reviews in details and because people want to read multiple reviews before they decide on which one
to buy.

So even if you don't rank in the top three or top search Google term you can still attract some decent traffic so whether you're an affiliate marketer or a part of one of these companies you can create
versus pages to gain a decent amount of easy and free traffic.

7. Utilize Youtube Search Trends Filter For Finding Youtube Topics Ideas:-

The final technique that I have is to use Google Trends to find out your YouTube topics now just because the most popular searches on google trending upwards or are stable it doesn't mean that YouTube follows the same pattern.

Youtube search trends

For Example, if you check out the Google web searches for the "HTML tutorial" here is a consistent decline and now look at YouTube Search trends there's a consistent incline then a sudden drop-off and it looks like it's stabilizing now.

So the Google web searches let you know what is the most searched on google today but the Youtube Search option lets you know what is trending on Youtube now.

So if you are a Youtuber or Youtube Video Marketer then not look only on Google most searched topic but filter the search by Youtube search.

Here is another example with comparison to Youtube Ads, Google Ads, and Video Marketing. here you can see a huge difference between Web search and Youtube search filter.

Here when you see Web search Graph, it shows that over the 5-year time frame Google Ads dominating the marketing space, but when you set it to Youtube Search filter, it gives you totally different prospectives.

Youtube search trends 
Here you can see Youtube Ads also getting lots of searches in Youtube search trends and giving a quite nice competition to Google Ads.

So this is very important for you for finding Youtube Video topics for your youtube channel always consider Google Trends Youtube Search data for finding Hot Sizzling topics for your video marketing.

Hence these were my 7 Best Keyways for Doing your keyword research using Google Trends for getting most of this Google Tool.

Google Trends is absolutely monstrous and one of my favorite tools simply because it's only limited by your creativity.

So when you're making marketing decisions or choosing topics to create content on you need the history of the topic to get an idea of where it's going and this can be the difference between an absolute hit versus a complete flaw

So use Google Trends in combination with other keyword research tools like Ahref keywords Explorer, Google Keyword Planner to make sure that you have a full scope of the topic before you create products and contents on it.

This will help you create a more predictable system in your content choices and lead you to greater success and domination in the digital world.

if you find this post "Google Trends Keyword Research Tool:- 7 Effective Ways To Use?" helpful and valuable share it with your friends. and subscribe to us to get more actionable SEO and digital marketing tools reviews here.

And if I leave out the feature, combination, or hack that you absolutely love, please leave a comment and share it with us, I'll come back to you with the solution you looking for.

Babita Singh
Thanks, and make it a great day
Babita Singh  



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Digital Marketing Tools:- Google Tools For Online Marketers: Google Trends Keyword Research Tool:- 7 Effective Ways To Use?
Google Trends Keyword Research Tool:- 7 Effective Ways To Use?
Google Trends Best Keyword Research Tool. Get to know 7 Effective Ways to use this Google Tool for finding Hot Sizzling Topic, Product & Niche Ideas.
Digital Marketing Tools:- Google Tools For Online Marketers
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